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1.ever意为“在任何时候(=at any time),曾经”,比较下面的句子:
Do you ever go to Ireland on holiday?(=at any time) 你在假期曾经去过爱尔兰吗?
We always go to Ireland on holiday.(=every time假期我总是去爱尔兰。
We never have holidays in England.(=at no time)我在假期从来没有去过爱尔兰。

Do you ever go to pop concerts?你曾经去看过流行音乐演唱会吗?
I hardly ever see my sister.我基本上没见过我妹妹。
Come and see us if you are ever in Manchester.如果你什么时候到曼彻斯特,去看看我们。
Nobody ever visits them.没有人拜访过他们。
I’m going to stop her ever doing that again.我打算阻止她再一次做它。

Have you ever been to Greece?你曾经去过希腊吗?
Did you ever go to Naples when you were in Italy?(用在过去式中,表示过去某一特定的时刻)当你在意大利的时候,你去过那不勒斯吗?

4.ever与比较级连用,译为“以前、以往、任何时候”,基本结构为“比较级+than ever”,如:
You're looking lovelier than ever.你看起来比以前更可爱。

5.在forever,for ever和ever since搭配中,ever意为“经常,总是(=always)”,如:
I shall love your forever。我将永远爱你。
I‘ve loved you ever since I met you.自从我遇见你的时候起,我就爱上你了。

Has Aunt Mary come yet?玛丽阿姨已经来过了吗?
Good heavens! Have you finished the washing up already?天啊,你已经完成了洗漱吗?
Have you ever been to Africa?你曾经去过非洲吗?

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